Browse our collection of handmade Sterling Silver women's earrings which are handmade to order in the UK. Our earring ranges include silver studs, silver hoops and silver drop earrings in a variety of sizes. 
Most earrings are from collections that can be paired with matching items when purchasing. 


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Morgan EarringsHandmade Delicate Silver Leaf Inspired Earrings
Morgan Earrings
Sale priceFrom £65.00
Anna StudsHandmade Silver Stud Anna Earrings
Anna Studs
Sale price£70.00
Zoe Heart EarringsZoe Heart Earrings
Zoe Heart Earrings
Sale price£85.00
Narrow Twist EarringsHandmade Silver Texture, Twisted Earrings
Narrow Twist Earrings
Sale priceFrom £45.00
Fairy Hoop EarringsFairy Hoop Earrings
Fairy Hoop Earrings
Sale price£65.00
Molly StudsSimple Silver Twisted Circle Stud Earrings
Molly Studs
Sale price£70.00
Sophia EarringsSterling Silver Twisted Earrings
Sophia Earrings
Sale price£80.00
Rachael EarringsHandmade Silver Contemporary Twist Drop Earrings
Rachael Earrings
Sale price£80.00
Sarah Ribbon EarringsHandmade Sterling Silver Ribbon Twist Drop Earrings
Sarah Ribbon Earrings
Sale priceFrom £60.00
Bramble Stud EarringsBramble Stud Earrings
Bramble Stud Earrings
Sale price£65.00
Crisp Handmade Hammered Silver Hoop EarringCrisp Handmade Hammered Silver Hoop Earring
Tabby Hoop Earrings
Sale price£65.00
Nicole Ingot EarringsSilver Textured Ingot Earrings
Nicole Ingot Earrings
Sale price£50.00
Sarah Ribbon StudsHandmade Sterling Silver Ribbon Studs
Sarah Ribbon Studs
Sale price£65.00
Lucy EarringsHandcrafted Silver Drop earrings
Lucy Earrings
Sale price£75.00
Amy EarringsHandcrafted Silver Amy Earrings
Amy Earrings
Sale price£80.00
Sold out
Hollie EarringsHandcrafted Silver Drop Earrings with Figure of Eight Design
Hollie Earrings
Sale price£85.00
Florence Heart EarringsHandcrafted Silver Heart Drop Earrings
Florence Heart Earrings
Sale price£80.00
Knot EarringsSilver Open Knot Drop Earrings
Knot Earrings
Sale price£120.00
Silver Double Drop Reed EarringsSilver Double Drop Reed Earrings
Reed Earrings
Sale priceFrom £110.00
Silver Twist Open Hooped EarringsSilver Twist Open Hooped Earrings
Molly Hoops
Sale priceFrom £70.00
Rose heart earringsHandmade Textured Rose Heart Drop Earrings
Rose heart earrings
Sale price£55.00
Heart Knot Stud EarringsHandcrafted Heart Knot Stud Silver Earrings
Heart Knot Stud Earrings
Sale price£75.00
Knot Stud EarringsSilver Handcrafted Knotted Stud Earrings
Knot Stud Earrings
Sale price£75.00
Lorna drop earringsHammered handmade silver drop earrings
Lorna drop earrings
Sale price£65.00