British Handmade Jewellery

John Garland-taylor jewellery

Originally training as a smith and restoring Armour for the likes of the National Trust & Warwick Castle, John has developed his expertise over 50 years on the hammer. Over the last 30 years John has turned his collective skills to focus on the design and development of jewellery. We are a family owned company that produces handcrafted British jewellery, we believe in taking on young highly skilled British talent who work with John to create new pieces and ranges which are in keeping with his design aesthetic. Our jewellery designs are very unique as we offer bespoke, made to order items, such as our ranges of bangles, allowing customers to have items tailor made to size. We believe in doing simple things well and offering a consistent, classically designed jewellery range.

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Sterling silver bangles and cuffs handmade in the UK from solid silver. Bangles made to order, ideal for larger or smaller wrist sizes.

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Handmade sterling silver earrings, our ranges include stud earrings, hoop earrings and drop earrings.


Handmade sterling silver rings which are made to order, so ideal for men and women. Our rings range from chunky statement rings to slim textured stacking rings.