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Sizing Charts

Bangle and Ring Sizing Charts
Please refer to the below charts when ordering rings and bangles.

Our bangles can be ordered in three size options, SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE, please refer to the below charts for ROUND and OVAL bangles circumference and diameter.

How to find your bangle size...
For solid bangles please measure the part of your hand as indicated below. From the edge of your baby finger to the edge of your index finger, closing your hand as if you were putting a solid bangle on (do not include your thumb in the measurement). This should give you an approximate inside diameter, then refer to the chart below to find the best size of bangle to fit your hand measurement. Alternatively if you have a bangle which already fits your hand, please measure the internal diameter of this and again refer to the chart to find your preferred size.

Please note the diameter measurement is edge to edge and the circumference is the full inner length.

We can make bangles to alternative sizes, however this may not be possible at our busiest periods.
How to find your ring size...
The easiest way to measure your ring size is to measure the inside diameter of a ring which already fits. Please see the image below for reference. Once you have this measurement you can calculate your ring size using the ring size chart.
If your finger size is not shown please let us know your finger size in the comments box when you place your order.


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We have tried to answer any questions you may have- if you should have any further queries then please contact us;
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