Handmade hammered silver bangle

Bangles: How to get the right fit

Our bangles can be ordered in three size options, SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE. Use this guide to decide which is right for you.

We can make bespoke sizes where necessary - just contact us.

You can find our RING SIZE GUIDE here.

Round Bangle, Oval Bangle or Cuff?

The measurements are a little different for each, so use the correct chart (below).

Alternatively if you have a bangle which already fits your hand, please measure the inner internal diameter of this and refer to the chart to find your preferred size.

Please note the diameter measurement is inner edge to edge and the circumference is the full inner length.


As an example, if you measured 20cm, you would need our medium size.

Small Bangle

19cm circumference

60mm diameter

Medium Bangle

20.5cm circumference

65mm diameter

Large Bangle

22.5cm circumference

70mm diameter


Small Bangle

19cm circumference

64mm diameter

Medium Bangle

20.5cm circumference

69mm diameter

Large Bangle

22cm circumference

77mm diameter


To find your cuff size, measure around your wrist where you would like the cuff to sit and then match it up with the below: 

Small Cuff

16cm circumference

55mm diameter

Medium Cuff

17cm circumference

58mm diameter

Large Cuff

18cm circumference

61mm diameter