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Hand or Footprint charm bracelet

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Hand or Footprint charm bracelet

Hand and foot print necklaces are made from solid silver and are crafted using your child/loved ones real print. Once purchased we will send you a ink less, wipe and paper for you to take the print. We ask that you send it back so we can scale the print to make a tiny mold which is then imprinted into the pendant, kiln fired and finished with a name.

You will find one ink wipe and two pieces of paper. Please make sure hands are clean before making the print.

Firstly please use the wipe to see which side of the paper the ink takes to. Simply touch the wipe with your finger or thumb then press the very edge of each side of the paper, one side will show your print the other will not. Make sure the child presses their hand onto the correct side.

To take the print:

1) Wipe the whole of the child hand with the ink wipe.

2) Press their hand firmly onto the paper, try to make sure it doesn’t smudge! Put a bit of pressure on their hand to make sure the whole surface of the hand is touching the paper to get the best results. Don’t worry if the print isn’t perfect, we have to edit it on Photoshop to clean the print up! Please write the child’s name near the print.

3) To send the print back to us, either, scan the image onto a computer and email it to us, return the paper by post, or take a high quality photograph (this needs to be very clear) and email it to us. Please notify us once you have sent them to us.

4) Once we have the prints we will take approximately 4 weeks to make the pendant.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please provide either a footprint or a hand print this product only allows for one print.

You have a choice of shapes, a heart, circle or star charms. The bracelet is one of our classic fairy and is made to size so please specify if you would like a small, medium or large size.